Ethical and Legal Concerns in a Digital World

Writer? Do Yourself a Favor for the New Year…Join the TAA

Posted in general concerns by digitalprof on January 1, 2006

All Writers Should Join

As writers, we are often better organized in producing our final product than we are in protecting it.

My suggestion for all writers, in light of the continuing concern over maintaining control over the rights inherent in our writings…especially in the age of the “Digital World”, is simple: join the Text and Academic Authors association. There are many reasons for doing so.

This nationwide group is a leader in the fight for maintaining our author rights. The TAA publishes articles and posts industry information on a regular basis (check out the archive).

Additionally, the annual convention is used for education in all areas related to publishing your writing…legal issues, ethical concerns, contracts, publisher info, writing styles and techniques and more.

This year the convention will be in Orlando, at the Grosvenor Resort…convenient to all the local entertainment areas…so you can bring the family and still attend the educational seminars. Don’t forget, attending such educational venues can be a tax deduction. Check with your accountant, but this makes the convention even more inviting!

Start the New Year off on a positive footing…join this leading authors group.


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